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Missing cat gets home with help of Indy Real Estate agent

Moving and worried about losing a pet?

Do you remember the day you brought your new furry family member home?  There was a special bond.  You knew when he “chose” your family.

Pets are family members too.

You’ve laughed at the silly things he did with your kids.   He’s kicked papers off your desk when you worked from home.  You saw when he comforted your family when your someone wasn’t feeling well.  You really can’t imagine your home without him Do you worry about your pet getting lost during the move?  Recently, the Evelo Team of Keller Willliams Realty helped re-unite a pet cat with his family that had moved.

The Evelo Team received an inquiry about a home we had already sold for a client.  We’re used to that happening, we’re usually asked, “What did this home sell for?” and “What other homes are for sale like this one?”  However, this call was different.   It was a call from a wonderful person that had found a pet cat.  She mentioned that he was very friendly and picked him up knowing he belonged to someone.  She decided to take him to a local vet to see if he had been micro-chipped.  Thankfully, he was.  The name and address of the cat’s owners popped right up!  There was only one problem.  The owners had moved and forgotten to update their micro chip information.  The good samaritans decided to looked up the address, hoping to get some information on the home.

They saw that the home had been listed for sale by The Evelo Team and called our number, 317-863-4663.

One of our team members was on call to answer questions that come in about the homes we have for sale.  In addition to calling, they sent a message through a comment field on the website of the sold Indianapolis home.  As the phone was ringing, our team member was already reading the message: “I found a lost cat.  We took it to the vet and the microchip has this address listed.  The phone was disconnected.  Can you please help contact the owners to let them know that we have their cat and he is safe?”

BOOM.  As avid pet owners at the Evelo Team, we went into full blown beast mode to get the updated contact information for our past clients.  They had filled out an updated contact record and we had ALL their current information including Facebook, so we began to reach out on every phone and every contact we had to get this pet home.

Lucky for the family, the story has a great ending… we were able to connect the owners and family that found their lost cat.  We are so thankful for people like this kind family that found the cat and went through such great lengths to help get this cat home.  It was an important lesson for us as real estate agents as well.  We have a check list that we give our clients when they are moving to help them get organized and think about the information they may need.  We made sure one more item was on there this week.  “Update pet micro-chipping with new address”.   Our clients were happy to be re-united with their cat.  We were thrilled that we could continue to help serve this family after selling their Indianapolis area home and come through for them in a way that they didn’t expect.

Thank goodness for micro-chipping!
Thank goodness for micro-chipping!

Moving with Pets?  Follow these 3 steps to make sure they are safe while moving:

1.  Send your new address to your vet as well as surrounding neighbors.

2.  If your pet is not micro-chipped, consider doing so to make sure your updated information is ON them prior to the move.

3.  Prepare new collar tags with updated phone number.

Just another reason why the Evelo Team is committed to our clients before, during and after buying or selling a Fishers or Indianapolis home.

Thinking about selling your home?  The Evelo Team sells a house every 2.5 days.  The time to sell is NOW! 317-863-4663

Do you have ideas for moving with pets to keep them safe and comfortable?  Leave a comment and let us know!

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